About Us

Kidspiration Art was imagined by Marc and his two daughters, Abigail
and Rebecca. Marc tried to find motivational, happy and positive
artwork for their bedrooms but instead, kept finding products that
centered on themes of money and materialistic images. Feeling
inspired, the girls suggested they should just create their own wall

And with that, Kidspiration Art was born! Abigail and Rebecca help
create and approve art images based on our Kidspiration Kriteria:
Does the art:

1. Promote a positive mindset?
2. Focus on doing good for others?
3. Inspire you to dream big?
4. Push you to set goals?

Kidspiration Art has since grown their audience as many teachers,
psychologists and life coaches asked for artwork for all ages. We hope
you enjoy our handcrafted designs and hang them proudly as a constant
reminder to stay positive, be kind and look for the beauty that exists
all around us in our everyday lives.

Marc, Abigail and Rebecca
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